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An operating system, made by me, in my programming journey

yuuOS - The Foxy Guy’s Operating System

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Y8b d88P                    The foxy guy's OS

Hey there! Welcome to my little hut in GitHub, where I host code and releases for my operating system, yuuOS.

The name choice it’s quite obvious. I didn’t want to put any fancy name on it, just a bit of my username.

What Is It?

It’s a hobby operating system for x86 computers (x86_64 in the future, maybe) written in C.

It’s in its primitive releases, as you can see in the screenshot below. There’s a user shell with 2 or 3 usable commands so far. It can allocate memory. Screenshot

Future Goals (Probably)

Some of these goals won’t even be achieved, I think.

Special Thanks

Here, I’d like to leave some special thanks to:


Development moved to GitLab!